Name: Todd
Level: 23
Height: 6'6"
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Hometown: Seattle
Current Location: Orlando
Melee: One-Handed Axes
Ranged: Sniper Rifle
Magic School: Light

Light Manipulation
Astral Projection
Hand-to-Hand Combat

STR: 9
DEF: 7
INT: 9
M.DEF: 6
CHR: 10
AGL: 5
LCK: 7


Have you guys ever just put on headphones and lost yourself?

I find myself doing it a lot now.

I think I need to be lost. Much more to see. Less expectation to be.

  1. a-liger-among-us said: Music is so much better when you can put your ear buds in and drift away from your self!
  2. winterlong said: Yes, I have.
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